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Center for Water Studies logoIn contrast to the previous two locations, the Center for Water Studies was a much more relaxing time. There is a still serious intent behind the area, though — the word “Studies” should be a clue to that!

The Center for Water Studies is dedicated to increasing the understanding and appreciation of water habitats. There are several builds here, each depicting a different water system, from the ocean (surrounding the island) to a mangrove swamp. The main island is quite small, if rather rugged, and you quickly move from one habitat to another – each one signed with floating text to let you know what area you are now in.

The builds are very detailed, and active. Badgers swim round their dam, ducks paddle round the pond, dolphins and shoals of fish swim in the ocean, and if you look up you will see birds circling the island.

There is also an event venue – a platform floating above the ocean just beside the island.

A notecard is available from the beach area which gives much more information and background about the Center – don’t miss the chance to read it. And if you visit the event venue, do make a donation there for the work of the Center.


As usual, there are snapshots from my own visit the island, along with the other areas of Better World:

Better World Island photo album

And of course you can visit Better World Island if you have Second Life installed:

Better World Island SLURL