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This is the last of this series of blogs from Better World Island. I have spent this vacation in a house specially build by Riversong Gardens, the owner of Better World Island, so it seems appropriate to conclude with a brief tour of this extremely attractive house.

Starting at the outside:

House front

The clean vertical and horizontal lines, combined with the use of a dark wood texture, give the house its distinctive and appealing Japanese look. Builders will probably also note that these simple lines help to keep the prim count down!

There are two sets of doors, one set opening on the living area, the other on the bedroom. A couple of views of the living area first:

Living Area (1)

Living Area (2)

Once again, the clean simplicity of the lines gives the room a consistent look, relieved by the Japanese prints and bas-reliefs. This same approach extends to the furnishings, which are again minimal but attractive, and show the attention to detail that marks a good build:

Furniture (1)

Furniture (2)

 Going through the side doors we enter the bedroom:


The bedside lamp and the patterned bed cover prevent this from looking too austere or uncomfortably angular. Instead, there is a relaxed, peaceful feel to the room (and indeed the whole house), which fits well with the intent of Better World Island itself.

If you like this house, Riversong Garden intends to start selling it from her store — I’ve included the SLURL for the store in the links below.

And finally

I’ve had an excellent vacation on Better World Island. It’s been fascinating, informative, and engaging. If you’ve been following these blogs, I hope I’ve given you a taste of what Better World Island is all about. If you’re a resident of Second Life I hope I’ve encouraged you to visit it yourself!

I’ll conclude by thanking Saffia Widdershins of PrimPerfect for providing this prize, and Riversong Garden for providing a lovely house and a fascinating island.

My vacation might be over, but I don’t doubt that I shall be paying return visits to Better World Island in the future. I hope to see you there!


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