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Shopping malls are two-a-penny in Second Life. In fact, in some places it’s hard to move without finding yourself in another mall. Most of them, let’s face it, are badly designed, or even not designed at all, being little more than a motley collection of stores all jumbled together.

There are exceptions. Pixel Dreams, owned and created by Tya Fallingbridge, is one of them. From the very first glimpse that you get, you can tell that this is something a little different, a little more stylish than the usual mall:

First glimpse of Pixel Dreams

Rather than a disparate collection of differently designed shops, Pixel Dreams shares the same basic ‘look’ throughout. The Girls’R’Us shop adds an appropriate dash of pink (!), but the rest of the shops share a similar black and white color scheme. The interiors are more varied, but still equally attractive:

Pixel Mode interior:

Pixel Mode

And when you have finished your shopping, you can dance the night away at Pixel Dream’s own dance club, Schmooze:


There are more pictures of Pixel Dreams in my Snapzilla photo-album — see the link below.


Photo Album

SLURL for Pixel Dreams