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Yes, I’m finally back. My computer is now healthy and happy again, though Second Life seems to be falling apart. No change there then. I managed to get on-line and stay on-line long enough to collect the pictures for this post, though.

Numbakulla Island has been around for some time, and I first came across it a couple of years ago (I think). I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while, and have finally got round to it.

What is Numbakulla? Well, at first sight, it is a rather interesting and well-built island sim, and worth looking round just for its own sake. However, that is not its main purpose. In fact, Numbakulla is a Second Life version of a point-and-click adventure.

When you first teleport it, you end on the shore beside a shipwreck. The broken ship is half-sunk in the waters beside you, and books, suitcases, and scraps of paper have been tossed up on the shore or still float on the sea.


You are greeted by a notecard, which gives you some explanation about the game and how to play it. Beside you is an open chest and a small stand with a  notebook on it. When you click on the notebook, you are given a notebook of your own, which is crucial to the game. You wear this notebook (nothing visible appears, but once you start interacting with things on the island you will get messages from it), and start your exploration.

Chest and notebook

A cave is in front of you, and is the obvious direction to go in, but even as you do so, you come across a scrap of paper on the ground. Click it, and you get your first clue (such as it is) to the game.


Then it is through the cave, and out onto the main island, with its curious, plant-like buildings.

Main island

It will take a little while before you come across your first real hint of the goal of the game and the explanation of the island’s subtitle The Pot-Healer Adventure. In the meantime it is a case of wandering round the island — there is plenty to see — and looking out for things which can be clicked on and interacted with. Such as this pump, which is near the cave exit.

Village pump

It predictably pours water, and your notebook tells you that you need something to collect the water in…but I won’t say more, and so that I won’t spoil the game for you, I’ll refrain from telling you much more about the island, except to say that there is a lot more than just the area which I have shown here.

More of the island

I’ll confess, too, that I haven’t really begun to solve the game myself, and I intend to go back soon and explore the island properly.

I hope I’ve tempted you to pay a visit yourself. Have fun.