My time on the island is drawing to a close. There are still places that I haven’t covered, so I thought that for this blog I would take you for a quick run round the island and point out some of the other areas.

If you teleport to the island, you will arrive at the main hub, which conveniently has local teleports to some of the main areas. Instead, though, step onto the wooden walkway that runs round much of the coast, and follow it counter-clockwise.

Not very far from the hub, you will pass a windmill, and just beyond that is a large blue-walled building. This is Quixote’s, a relaxing place to sit with your friends, listening to the Spanish guitar and eating burritos. There are tables downstairs, and comfortable sofas and chairs upstairs.


Leave Quixote’s and continue along the coast. Just across the sea to the right is the small island of the Center for Water Studies (see my earlier blog), and on the left you will see the Peace Tiles project (and a small wishing well just up the hill).

Further along the coast you come to the back of the Centre for Performing Arts. If you wish, you can leave the path and explore the centre, though at the moment there doesn’t seem to be much to see there.

Centre for Performing Arts

As with a number of places on the island, the Performing Arts Centre overlooks the central lake. On the far side of the lake you will see, the independant news broadcaster.

The lake itself is well worth a stroll around, just to enjoy the peace and stillness. Try not to disturb the deers!

Better World Island lake

With that, I will end this tour of Better World Island. I am going to do one more blog relating to the island, because the house that I have been staying at deserves a post all of its own.


As before, here are links to my snapshots from my own visit to the center, along with the other areas of Better World:

A Better World Island snapshot album

And to visit the Better World Island itself (if you have Second Life installed):

Better World Island SLURL