I’ve just had an unexpected but very pleasant surprise. I have won a prize (for Letter of the Month) from PrimPerfect magazine. The prize takes the form of a month’s rent of a specially-built house in the Better World sim. Of course, I already have my own accommodation in the shape of Morgridge Mansion, but I shall treat my temporary home in Better World as a vacation.

The editor of PrimPerfect, Saffia Widdershins, has already given me a brief introduction to the Better World sim, which I confess I’d never heard of before, and I think I am in for a fascinating holiday. I won’t say much more about it at the moment, because I intend to try and do some regular blogs of my explorations there. However, I’ve paid a visit to my holiday home – a Japanese-style house – and bought myself a new outfit more in keeping with the surroundings, as I felt that wandering round Better World in Victorian attire might not be appropriate (for reasons that will probably become apparent in later blogs).

Here’s a couple of glimpses of the house:

The House
Pyter admires the view

And a couple of relevant links:

PrimPerfect Magazine web-site

SLURL for Better World (if you have SecondLife installed)

This will take you to the hub. You can explore the island from there, or use the teleports.

I’ve also started a Snapzilla album for pictures from the sim.