So, here I am sat at home in Morgridge Mansion, testing out blogHUD for the first. Maybe this will encourage me to post more often. We’ll see how I get on with it.

posted by Pyter Morgridge on Caledon Moors using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

Ok, explanations are in order, in case you don’t know what blogHUD is. It’s a HUD (duh!) that let’s you post brief blogs (not so brief if you use notecards instead of a chat channel) to your own page on the blogHUD site. If you are interested, my own blogHUD page is here.

It also allows you to crosspost to other blog sites (such a this one!). This is a neat feature, but doesn’t quite work as expected, at least for WordPress. The blog entry gets posted as the title of the blog, which is a bit strange. Maybe it works better if you do a post via a notecard — I’ll try it at some point (but creating a notecard for the blog post seems to defeat the object of blogHUD, which is to make it quick and easy to post to a blog from within Second Life).

More later, I suspect.