Is it just me, or is that a very geeky title? Oh well…

With version 1.13, Second Life has introduced a ‘Web’ tab to the profile dialog. This tab can display a web-page of your choice. Be warned that it doesn’t use a fully-featured browser, and some pages will not display correctly. Also, if you start clicking links to other web pages you will soon notice the lack of a Back button.

But these are minor issues. On the whole, the Web tab is a nifty addition, and opens up some fun possibilities.

Here are a few simple ideas:

Snapzilla Mini: if you use Second Life, you are probably familiar with Snapzilla (if not, visit the site, and rectify this at once!). Christiano, the developer and maintainer of Snapzilla, has created a Snapzilla page designed for use in the Web Profile tab. Simply set the URL to To display your own snaps, set the URL to, replacing ‘Your+Name’ with your Snapzilla log-in name (with ‘+’ instead of any spaces).

For more information:

Links Page: if you have your own website, create a page of links, and point the URL at this page — you can then use the Web Profile to jump to other pages that you want to see. You can return to the links page by simply clicking the Home button again. The only thing to be careful about is that if you click the Ok button to close the profile dialog, the current webpage will become the Home page.

If you don’t have your own website, here is a page of links that are possibly of interest of Second Life residents:

Go Shopping: at the moment the Second Life shopping websites (such as SL Boutique and SL Exchange) aren’t really designed for being displayed in such a small area as the Web Profile, but with luck they will rectify this. It is still possible to use the sites, though, which means that you can now shop on these sites from with Second Life itself. SL Boutique definitely works (I bought something from it, just as a test), though I found that I couldn’t log in to SL Exchange — this might be just temporary problem with the website itself, of course.

Have fun!