As Time Goes By posterNo, I am not about to launch into a Humphry Bogart impersonation. “As Time Goes By” is the title of an exhibition that has just opened at the “Prim and Proper Hall” in Caledon, and which I have just returned from visiting.

Every now and then I stumble across something which restores my faith in the whole idea (or should that be ‘ideal’) of Second Life as a place for creativity and imagination, and this exhibition is one of those things.

Created by Callipygian Christensen, and hosted by the gracious Duchess Shenlei Flasheart, the exhibition consists of some noted Victorian paintings, along with Second Life recreations of those paintings. A very neat idea, and very neatly executed. With luck this panoramic view of one part of the exhibition will convey the idea (Ms Christensen herself can be glimpsed in the bottom right corner, modestly hiding behind a fan).

The Exhibition

Do yourself a favour, and pay it a visit.

As Time Goes By exhibition, at Prim and Proper Hall, Caledon Cay.