I decided it was time that Pyter had a home of his own. Because he isn’t a
premium account, I can’t buy land for him, but I can rent land from another

On my travels around Second Life, one area that caught my eye as a good place to live was Caledon, a Victorian-themed sim run by the gentlemanly Desmond Shang. I got in contact with Desmond, and as luck would have it there were some places going in Caledon Moors — an area of Caledon with a slightly spooky atmosphere, just perfect for a gentleman-sorceror such as Pyter.

I’ve rented a plot of land just beside a low range of hills (where there seems to be an archeological dig going on — I trust that they will not disturb That Which Should Be Left Alone), and I have plans for a Gothic mansion. Think ‘The Addams Family’.

Snapshots (hosted on Snapzilla):

A picturesque, if currently rather bare, location

Time to put down some foundations

Starting to look like somewhere now

Watch this space…