SvargaSerendipity is a wonderful thing, and Second Life is a constant source of serendipitous surprises. I don’t now recall what I was actually looking for, but somehow I found myself on the island of Svarga.

Svarga is one of the wonders of Second Life. It is gorgeous to look at, with architecture that blends with the more natural scenery that surrounds it, and all of it beautiful and detailed.

But there’s more, because Svarga is a fully-functioning ecology. Driven by the Second Life wind, there are clouds that bring rain, there are bees that
pollinate the plants — there is a whole life-cycle here.

Watch the fish, feed the birds (yes, really, there are bird-seed vendors
around the island — buy some seed, scatter it on the ground, and wait for the

For more details, Hamlet Au has an interview with Svarga’s creator, Laukosargas Svarog.

I only discovered Svarga a couple of days ago, and I have since found that,
in a disquieting echo of real-life, the island’s ecology is under threat.
Laukosargas has been caught up in other projects outside Second Life, and has decided that the expense of maintaining an island that she no longer has the time to work on is not justified, so she is going to sell it.

There are moves afoot to try and preserve Svarga, but at the moment its future in uncertain, so visit it while you still can.