In one of my previous posts (The Dream And The Reality) I remonstrated against camping chairs. Whilst I’m not quite going to retract that, I am perhaps going to soften my attitude towards it.

Let me explain.

Pyter Morgridge is my second character (an alt, to use the usual term) in Second Life. My other character is under a premium account (and owns land), so gets a weekly stipend.

With Pyter, I only have a basic account, so…no stipend. No money. At first, I
transferred some money over from my other account, but since then I’ve decided that I will treat Pyter as if he were a completely new user. Second Life grants L$1000 to new accounts, so I restricted Pyter to that amount — once that was gone he needed to find some way of making money for himself.

You can see where this is heading, can’t you?

If you are creative, you can try to create and sell items, though you have the
handicap of where to sell them — obtaining a location in a mall usually means renting one, and you don’t want to do that until you have a steady income… but without a place to sell, you won’t make any money…catch-22.

You can work for somebody else, though the jobs that are available strike me
as decidedly uninviting — if you are female you try your chances as an …ahem… escort. Do you really want to do that? Or you can be a salesperson, selling things that someone else has made. Not my idea of an entertaining time. In fact, all too close to real life to appeal to me.

So what are you left with, if you want to get some money?

Camping chairs.

What can I say? Personally, I’m going to see if I can make some money from
creating and selling items. I’ve already had a few people admire the cape that I created for Pyter, so maybe…

I’ll let you know.