The first in an occasional series. In the end I hope to build this up to a guide to all the places in Second Life. Like painting the Forth Bridge, it is a task that will never end, because by the time I get to the end I will have to go back and start again, to cover all the things that have changed in the meantime…

I thought I’d start right up in the north-west corner of Second Life, and make my way down and across from there.

So, here at almost the remotest part of Second Life, is Misfit’s Hideaway. An island of two halves, and a rather odd combination they make. One half is the Lover’s Lagoon (this is a mature area, folks), complete with a teleport link to a cosy love-nest high above where you can share a candle-lit dinner with your amor.

The other half is a store which predominantly sells children’s play equipment (swings, climbing-frames, that sort of thing).

Is the combination of a love-nest and a kiddies store trying to make some sort of point? There is, after all, a noticeable lack of condom vendors in Second Life…

When I visited it, there was no-one there (though I paid a visit back later and found a couple of other visitors). Maybe it’s so remote that no-one notices it. Alternatively, maybe I just picked the wrong time of day.

Pyter says: Cute, but probably better with a friend. A close friend…
Check out the map, and visit the Hideaway.

Misfit's Hideaway

Pyter relaxes by the lagoon, and wonders where all the women are.